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Graphic Painting created by the custom painter, Takahiko Izawa, who always has been creating new, innovative and high-level painting techniques realizes the "World's only one ultimate beauty"!"Graphic Painting" using many painting techniques such as "Jackpot Flash", "Silver Leef", "Zebra Wave", "Real Water" and etc.
which were developed by Takahiko Izawa creates the ultimate presence customized car!

ペイント技術Paint Technique

※価格は応相談となります / ※Price needs to be discussed.

  • ペイント技術オーロラフレーク
    Aurora Flake
  • ペイント技術リアルフレアー
    Real Flare
  • ペイント技術シルバーリーフ
    Silver Leaf
  • ペイント技術ゼブラウェーブ
    Zebra Wave
  • ペイント技術ニューソウル
    New Soul
  • ペイント技術グラインダータトゥー
    Grinder Tatto
  • ペイント技術ジャックポットフラッシュ
    Jackpot Flash
  • ペイント技術ダイヤブロック
    Diamond Block
  • ペイント技術リアルウォーター
    Real Water

価格は税別です / The prices shown here are not included tax.

  • We charge replacement parts fee and glass detaching fee which arises during work separately.
  • Depending on the car condition, we may request a repairing fee for scratch, dent and etc.
  • For a car installed body kit, we request detaching fee and painting fee separately.
  • For a car installed audiovisual equipment and electric devic es, we request detaching fee separately.
    e.g. Sound deadening sheet and etc. are all necessa ry to be detached, and those requires re-installation.

ペイント事例Graphic Paint Gallery

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