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“Diamond Block Painting”, the stunning painting technique created by the ultimate custom painter, Takahiko Izawa! “Never thought it’s the paint!!” This 3 dimensional painting which impressed customizing enthusiasts creates 3-D magic on the flat surface car body!
Three dimensional modeling everyone desires to touch and masking technique with great accuracy turn the car body into luxury accessories! This technique can be done not only on the parts such as hood, door mirror, garnish and etc. but also on the whole car body!

価格表Price List

ALL PAINT ¥3,000,000〜 DOOR MIRROR ¥60,000〜
HOOD PAINT ¥180,000〜 REAR WING ¥70,000〜
  1. 3Dペイント
  2. 3Dペイント
  3. 3Dペイント

価格は税別です / The prices shown here are not included tax.

  • We charge replacement parts fee and glass detaching fee which arises during work separately.
  • Depending on the car condition, we may request a repairing fee for scratch, dent and etc.
  • For a car installed body kit, we request detaching fee and painting fee separately.
  • For a car installed audiovisual equipment and electric devic es, we request detaching fee separately.
    e.g. Sound deadening sheet and etc. are all necessa ry to be detached, and those requires re-installation.